Mineral Water Plants & Mineral Water Projects

Mineral water is vital to healthy living! It is equipped with essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, barium, iron, sulfur compounds etc. and hence ideal for your well-being. Additionally it is free from added preservatives and chemicals and therefore you stand no chance to compromise with your health either.

Mineral water can be acquired either from natural resources like spring or drilled wells or can be stimulated unnaturally by integrating and treating with mineral salts. Water is most valuable and exquisite natural asset that is extremely essential for survival of human beings. The water used for potable reasons must be free from unwanted dirtís. Water that is obtainable from natural sources such as well, boreholes and spring is normally not safe and hygienic for drinking. Therefore it is not only essential but also requisite to purify water before consumption. This cumbersome process of purifying water is just not required in case of mineral water. It is clean, healthy, and safe and what more it is very much affordable. So get up and grab your bottle of mineral water!

We believe that every human deserves access to pure healthy water and therefore we ensure that our mineral water is readily available at all places and is competitively priced so that money is no constrained on path of health. For we believe in providing healthy living! We have vivid set up of mineral water plants with elite experience and manufacturing facilities. We are an ISO certified organization and provide credible services to our customers across the globe. We stand for purity and cleanliness is our motive. Our manufacturing plants are set up in hygienic conditions and the mineral water is filled in washed, cleaned bottles and is kept safely in purified conditions.

Mineral water comes loaded with numerous health benefits. It helps you to lose weight as it contains no calories; its ingredients help to maintain the blood pressure level, help in digestion and are good for your bone. It helps lower your cholesterol level and is also good for your skin. Keeping in mind its numerous health benefits, we evaluate the source water on strict parameters and carry out strict check for our mineral water before it is made available to our consumers. With the help of mineral water treatment plants we provide bespoke solution for mineral water to all sectors.

In case you are one of corporate customer or an industry you must be interested in the details of our projects and the features of our plants. Please have a look at these; Iím sure after analyzing these youíll be greatly satisfied and will very much appreciate our transparency Ė

Our mineral water projects involve:

  • Detailed features of market research report with existing demand and supply of packed drinking water
  • Short listing on a place to set up the mineral water project
  • Water Testing & Analysis Research
  • Trade Mark Registration
  • Engineering and Ordering of plant
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Procurement of Machines

Features of mineral water plants:

  • Ideal functionality based water treatment systems
  • Water systems consist of Chlorine Dosing system, Multi Media Filtration, Initiated Carbon Filtration
  • Water Softening Systems with Ultra Filtration
  • Systems presenting facility for Reverse Osmosis, UV Sterilization and Ozone Sterilization so as to carry premium processed water quality
  • Storage Tank available in stainless steel construction
  • Facility of Micron Cartridge Filtration