Alkaline Bottled Water Plants Companies

Bottled Water Plants came into existence with the noble virtue of providing people with pure, safe and clean water. The prevailing scarcity of healthy, uncontaminated and unadulterated water coupled with the economic importance has helped the Bottled Water Plants to get rolling. The nontoxic, harmless, fresh and hygienic water is what every human being deserves. Unfortunately this is not what we all get. This is where these plants step in and provide us all with clean and safe water that is free from chemicals, bacteria and preservatives. This is not only good for our health but almost essential for survival!

Our Bottled Water Plants understand this basic human need of pure water for all and hence we have priced our bottled waters at very reasonable rates. The prices are very competitive and affordable. We pride ourselves in being one of the important pillars of your healthy living. We serve one and all! We provide bottled waters to individual users, corporates, business, industries, etc. We sure know that impure water could lead to dreadful water borne diseases and therefore we are out here to eliminate these. We pledge ourselves for healthy society.

Our bottle water comes with assured water quality and is available at convenient rates. With the increase in demand, the consumption of water has increased fore fold. This has led to stiff challenge to fulfil the availability of pure water. To conquer this issues there are number of bottled water companies which have set up their own bottle water plants to acquire fresh drinking water. To meet the demand of water we have undertaken entire projects of any water treatment and water bottle on turn-key basis. We are responsive for design and engineering, manufacturing and supply of full plant machinery, erection and commissioning till commercial. We provide economical, effective and sustainable water treatment solutions.

The bottled water plants have six elements to get pure water solution:

Purification: Water obtained from external resource has to undergo through the procedure of purification plant and deposited in stainless steel tank. Afterword it is nourished to the bottling segment and constant operation is accomplished.

Bottle Manufacturing: Adequate number of bottles are manufactured and kept aside to fix it. As it is continuous process hence bottle are arranged and shifted appropriately. Bottles are molded and converted into new form to keep the process continuous.

Rinsing-Filling-Capping: These 3 are the most vital aspects in bottle water plant method. The bottles are nurtured into a machine which ultimately rinses, fills and screws the cap on it. The system are organized and managed under the supervision of experts who are proficient in this field. The caps are marked with the date manufacturing and expiry before being hooked and attached to a bottle.

Labeling: Before moving towards packing conveyors it is essential to have heat shrink label with tamper mark heat shrink cover on the neck of each bottle. Label and neck sleeve are to be placed manually on the bottle which will pass through shrink tunnels and onto packing conveyer. Expiry date and batch number is printed on labels or caps before they are being placed on the water bottled.

Heat Shrinking: The completely filled bottle is passed through heat shrink tunnel so that the label and neck sleeve shrink stick to the bottles.

Final Packing: When the procedure of bottle is complete they are packed manually either in the large cardboards boxes or divided into small section of cardboard boxes. The packing is done manually and machines are not required for this procedure. The boxes are then counted and listed while dispatching out for sale.

There are various types of water bottle available in the market but alkaline bottled water is most preferred, safe and beneficial for health. It is known as ionized water and has ability to improve immune system, recharge your heath, fights backs aging sign with antioxidant rich alkaline bottle water.