Partner With Us

  • Our company is Mumbai based and 50 years experienced in the field of Water Treatment and Bottled Water business with global high technology. We had the privilege of supplying the complete project for setting up India's very FIRST Bottled water brand way back in 1965. We undertake full bottled water projects on "Turn-Key" basis .We manufacture and supply complete plant & machinery, design & engineering, erection & commissioning till commercial production. We can set up any capacity plants as per requirement.
  • We have now introduced a very new, innovative & exclusive high end technology with U.K. , USA , Germany & Japanese associations to manufacture "Electrolyzed , Enhanced Alkaline Health Water" which has tremendous health & medical benefits . Now, in collaboration with our partners - Amazing Water Ltd. U.K. , we are offering franchises to individuals and entrepreneurs to set up and open special health water HYDRATION stores in your localities all over India. For this , we shall supply a fully cabinet enclosed machine system(KIOSK) which will produce this Amazing Water and the franchisee will sell the same in his / her locality in 5 litre packed PET jars under the brand name “AMAZING WATER”.
  • The investments towards the same will vary as per geographical location , as water quality differs in different parts of India. The ROI of these Hydration stores is 3-6 months.

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