Acidic Water

What is acid water?

Acidic water (often referred to as electrolyzed water) is water with a potential hydrogen (pH) of less than 7. pH refers to the amount of hydrogen mixed in with the water. pH is measured on a scale from 0 to 14; 7 represents "neutral," where the water is neither alkaline nor acidic; 0 through 7 indicates acidity; and 7 through 14 indicates alkalinity.

Signs of acidic water include:

  • Blue stains on copper fixtures or pipes
  • Blue or green stains in tubs or basins
  • pH test showing less than 7 is considered acidic
  • A sharp or chlorine smell at the tap

Home water sources have been known to have a pH level of less than 5.5, which many water treatment solutions will not guarantee service for or offer systems to deal with.

Like the Richter scale for measuring earthquake intensity, the pH scale is logarithmic. A solution with a pH of 8.0 is ten times more alkaline than a solution with a pH of 7.0. A solution with a pH of 9.0 is 100 times more alkaline than a solution with a pH of 7.0.

Recent studies of acidic water uses have discovered many home uses; for example a recent patent in Europe has been filed after a study showing acidic water obtained by electrolysis, is a highly effective treatment of dermatosis in domestic animals when applied or sprayed several times at the initial stages of the dermatosis.

Medical and Dental offices often uses acidic water to destroy micro-organisms, as well as a sterilizing hand wash.

The LIFE Ionizers produce both Alkaline water (for healthy consumption) as well as acidic water. While it has its uses, Humans don't do well drinking acidic water. However, this doesn't mean acidic water doesn't have its own uses.

Usage of acidic water:

WATER IONIZERS: Acidic Water Uses

When using a high-quality Water Ionizer at home, you can not only enjoy the health benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water, but you can also use the byproduct which is Acidic Ionized Water.

Acidic Water Benefits are versatile: You can utilize Acidic Water for body and hair care, cooking, cleaning, washing and many more.

Body & Hair Care - For your Skin, Hair and Teeth

Acidic Water has an astringent effect on what it comes in contact with. For this reason, it is able to tighten and smoothen your skin, and is particularly effective in the treatment and prevention of acne, pimples and rashes. Moreover, its disinfecting and sterilizing ability also helps in treating minor skin wounds.

Specific benefits include:

  • Shampooing: When using acidic ionized water before and after shampooing, it will not only protect your hair, but also prevent hair loss, itching, and dandruff.
  • Bathing: Mix in 6-10 liters of acidic water to your tap water in your bath tub. Bathing in this water will improve the overall health and beauty of your skin.
  • Burns: Applying acidic water eases the pain of burns and accelerates its recovery.
  • Sunburn: Acidic water also relieves inflammation and hastens recovery.
  • Eczema and Acne: Acidic ionized water is able to kill bacteria, to keep the skin clean and to improve your skin condition.
  • Brushing Teeth: If you regularly use acidic water for brushing your teeth, it will help to maintain healthy teeth with sterilizing and disinfecting results.
  • Gargling: Gargling with acidic water prevents infection of germs by killing the microbes that cause colds and tonsillitis.

Cooking with Acidic Water

Cooking with Acidic Water

  • Cooking noodles with acidic water will prevent the noodles from becoming soggy.
  • Using acidic water to coat fried dishes will help that the dish is much crispier.
  • Washing fruits and vegetables with acidic water will kill harmful bacteria.
  • Soak fish in acidic water before cooking. It will tighten the meat of some fish, making it easier to cook.

Other uses for acidic water

  • House cleaning: Acidic water works as an agent to sterilizing, preventing odors, removes dirt and grime as well as unseen germs.
  • Polishing: Acidic ionized water effectively cleans mirrors, glass, knives, and eyeglasses.
  • Cleaning: Use acidic water to wash and disinfect your cutting boards, tableware and pots and pans (when soaked overnight, stains and burns are easily removed).
  • Sponges: Fungal and bacterial growth is stopped, preventing bad smells and contamination.
  • Washing hands: Wash your hands with acidic water to effectively remove odors and itching.
  • Washing Vehicles: The dirt is removed much more easily when using acidic water.
  • Pets: Bathing your pets in acid water helps to prevent skin disease and itching and also leads to an overall healthier coat of fur.
  • Flower Arrangement: Coat the stem of the flowers into diluted acidic water and your flowers will look fresh for a much longer time.